CCTV Chimney Inspections

Mark has completed the NACS training for CCTV inspections of chimneys and flues and is an approved member.

A CCTV inspection is used to inspect the inside of the chimney or flue liner. A professional CCTV camera from AMAC is used. You can watch the inspection live on the screen and a colour recorded copy can be sent to you afterwards with a written report. Some insurance companies will ask for an annual CCTV inspection to be carried out, especially for thatched properties. You may for your peace of mind like a CCTV inspection if you are buying a property or have just moved in before you start using it.

What might a CCTV inspection be used to investigate?

CCTV Inspection may be used to investigate the following:

  • blockages
  • structural cracks
  • restrictive bends
  • collapsed mid feathers
  • damage caused after a chimney or flue fire
  • smoke leakage to another flue or adjoining property
  • condition of a chimney before relining

Mark has many years’ experience of using the CCTV equipment on behalf of insurance companies to help establish the cause of chimney fires and homeowners resolve issues with their chimneys so they can enjoy their fires safely and keep their homes in good repair.