Stove Servicing

Help to keep your stove in great contidion and working efficiently with an annual service. It is a requirement of some stove manufactures that you have your stove serviced annually to keep your warranty valid. It is recommended as preventative maintenance by Hetas.

What is included at the annual service?

The annual service includes the following:

  • Stripping the appliance
  • Inspecting the appliance
  • Cleaning the appliance
  • Replace door seals

How much is an annual service?

The basic annual service is £45.

Do you do a discount if I have my chimney swept at the same time?

Yes, there is a £5 discount off the price of the service if you have your chimney swept at the same time.
Please note: If required firebricks, glass, baffle plates, hinges and controls can all be repaired or replaced at an extra cost when you have your stove serviced.