Bird Cowls/Caps

We can supply and fit an extensive range of cowls. We have a cowling solution for your chimney or flue. Whether you need a cap, birdguard or anti downdraft cowl we can help.

We can also supply and fit more decorative styles in keeping with the period of your house. Mark is more than happy to visit your property to discuss these with you.


A birdguard is used to prevent birds and debris getting into your chimney. It is specially designed to prevent anything getting into your chimney but importantly allowing smoke fumes out of the chimney. An added bonus of the birdguard is that it is fitted with an integral rain hat minimising rain entry helping to prevent internal structural decay.

Picture below shows a birdguard on a chimney pot:

Birdguard on chimney pot


Caps should only be used on redundant chimneys. They prevent rain and birds entering unused chimneys and causing damage. Rain can cause structural decay to chimney stacks. The water in the chimney works its way into the mortar between the brickwork and when the weather is cold it can freeze causing it to expand which could lead to cracks in the brickwork.

Picture below shows a cap on redundant chimney pot:

Cap on redundant chimney pot